Sunday, March 25, 2012

in the bag

I don't know if this is a popular opinion but I LOVE what's in my bag posts. And packing posts! They satisfy this weird curiosity I have about what people haul around with them. Anyway, without further ado:

The bag is, of course, my old Dooney & Bourke. The contents:

1. A glow-in-the-dark Nativity set
2. a tooth cleaning syringe... thing. I was in MAJOR pain last week because of a wisdom tooth. I thought there might be an infection so I rushed over to the dentist and it turns out the pain is totally normal and I have to just deal with it. But they gave me this thing that you fill with water and squirt at the tooth. To clean it? I dunno. I haven't used it.
3. Revlon Tutti Frutti lip butter
4. My Shoppers Optimum card that went rogue in my purse
5. $11.30
6. A rolled rim from Tim Horton's, worth one free donut
7. My Poketo wallet, I can't remember who the artist is though!
8. My iPhone, my life
9. An adorable mug a friend gave me. Look how cute it is! eee

Every time I see a "What's in my bag" post I'm like

because there's no way you emptied your purse to have the contents just photogenically cascade out like that. Come on! These are all the receipts I amassed from the WEEK I've been carrying this purse again.

So there's the contents of my purse. I hope it was an enriching experience for you. I know my cat was super interested because she would not leave me alone when I was taking photos.


  1. Ha, thanks for the receipts honesty, I always wondered the same thing!

  2. I love these posts as well but I always forget to do them myself! Might have to soon. Love the mug, supercute! Your cat is an adorable photobomber, haha.



  4. lol your receipts are so Canadian.

    Did you ever read that post on Gala Darling where she was jabbering on about how she had gone to Toronto and found this MAGIC STORE with amazing makeup and magical skin vitamins and it was SO AMAZINGLY MAGICAL and it was Shopper's lolololololol

    1. omg that's funny. i do love shoppers but i'm pretty sure walgreens and cvs are the same deal.

    2. They aren't, US pharmacies are gross and have shitty makeup. Once I went to Seattle and I forgot my mascara and I had to go to Macy's just to buy some fucking Lancome, like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

  5. Our bags have oddly similar contents, tutti frutti lip butter, a small amount of Canadian change, receipts, a mug and a poketo wallet. Sadly I do not have a glow in the dark Nativity set.

  6. Hahaha I love the receipts gif, namely because I have always thought the same thing about "what's in my bag" posts I see on other blogs. My purse is always half stuffed with receipts on any given day.

  7. Oh man I am totes lurking all your old blog posts cause I love them and how did I miss this one?? My bag is a shrine to bus tickets from countries I visited a year ago, old uni and high school ID cards, receipts for every item I've ever bought, hairties, bobby pins, lollies, lolly wrappers, silk scarves, and all sorts of other shit.

    Also I love packing posts SO MUCH, and photos of people's suitcases. I swear the perfect career for me would be a professional packer. Last week my flatmate was going home for a week and was whining like 'ohhh I don't want to pack, can someone pack for me?' and so I packed her luggage and her carry-on and got a beer for my efforts. It was so much fun, sadly enough.


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