Saturday, April 7, 2012

i'll be your mirror

old navy rockstar jeggings and smoking slippers, thrifted button-down, scarf, belt, and dooney & bourke bag

Happy long Easter weekend!! I missed out on it last year when I worked on weekends. Did you know Easter Sunday isn't a stat holiday? Rough, eh?

I'm heading up east for some relaxation and a tasty Easter dinner. I also bought 8 men's shirts on the cheap so I can make this Rookie tutorial while I have access to my mother's sewing machine.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. If you're stuck at work tomorrow, try to get through it by gorging on Cadbury mini eggs. And if you're in the Maritimes, try not to get buried under too much snow.


  1. Cute! I need pants like these.
    have fun at home!

  2. Love the colour of those jeans. Also I hope you have a very happy Easter Weekend!

  3. Really into this outfit. I still am on the lookout for dark red jeans!


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