Sunday, July 29, 2012


First of all, THANK YOU for all the girl band suggestions on my last post! I've been checking them out all weekend and discovering some new favourites.

I had a pretty good thrifting day yesterday so I thought I'd put all my finds in a post.

First of all I went to something called the "World's Largest Garage Sale" which was a HORRIBLE name for this thing, because it wasn't in a garage and it wasn't especially big either? It was more like a flea market, so there were a lot of overpriced collectible sort of things. I only bought a couple things but it was fun to just walk around and gawk at all the stuff there, you know?

This is some sort of planter/keyrack hybrid.

Everyone from my hometown drinks Schnooner for some reason so I felt a little drawn to this flattened out old can.

When that was all said and done I decided to take a trip to the grocery store to gather some ingredients for Budget Bytes Root Beer Pulled Pork (It was delicious, btw). I "popped in" to a thrift store on the way and ended up finding a bunch of stuff that I had to carry around with me while I ran my errands. Including this 60s trenchcoat...

I look sweaty and pissed because I WAS. Just trying this on made me way too warm. I've been keeping an eye out for a trenchcoat but this is the first time I've found something that I think is my style. I love the big full "skirt" on this one!

There was a BOGO deal on, btw, so I got the coat, these two tops and the pair of shoes, for 6 dollars all together.

I always love a pair of t-straps. I was considering getting some Golden Ponies in this style.

I come across this tag a lot in my travels, usually on really brightly-coloured, fun tops from the 70s-80s. I looked up the town on the tag (Lanark) and learned that it's really suffered economically since the "Kitten Mill" closed down in the 90s, due to cheap exported fabric from Asia. Sad, eh? Everything I own by this brand is such great quality, with a lot of attention to details.


  1. great finds yet again! i love the shoes and the jacket looks perfect on you!!

  2. i'm so in love with the jacket! i follow you on twitter and i always get excited when i see a blogpost from you :))

  3. Oh my goodness your coat is amazing!!!

  4. T-Straps are the cutest. All of these are great finds!

  5. Some seriously fantastic finds! That trench coat is fabulous, I also love the fulller skirt = perfect.

  6. Ah perfect coat, what a great find! :)

  7. beautiful! I love those shoes.

  8. That's really interesting about that brand. I thrift 24/7 for work and have never seen it around! Is it from Eastern Canada?

    1. weird, it's from a town just southwest of Ottawa!

  9. AMAZING FINDS! thanks for getting sweaty and uncomfortable so you could show us that immaculate coat.


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